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BBCC Volleyball Enters Final Week

BBCC Volleyball Enters Final Week

As the the 2023 season winds down the Lady Vikes hope to finish on a high note. Currently riding a lengthy losing streak the Lady Vikes hosted one of the top teams in the Eastern Region as they hosted the Treasure Valley Chukars on October 28th at the DAC. 

The game was the model of consistency with identical scores to end each set, unfortunately the Lady Vikes were on the losing end as they dropped by a score of 25-18 in three straight sets. Putting together consistent competitive sets has been a challenge for BBCC throughout the course of the season. Although on the losing end the Lady Vikes were able to battle till the end of each set. Unfortunately, BBCC was unable to fire on all cylinders to get the win. "Our middles had a great night, but with only putting up together 9 kills, we weren't using them as effectively as we could. And that starts with not being in system with our passing. It's hard to run an effective offense when you're in scramble mode and just have to resort to getting the ball over the net. But once again, you can't just rely on 1 or 2 girls to win the game for you, all 6 on the court plus the bench have to be on the same page and we were not. Even with doing different line-ups, trying to move people around, we just couldn't seem to find the same page as a team let alone the same book"

A lack of offensive production hurt the Lady Vikes as they could not get over the hump to break the 18 point mark throughout the course of the match. "Our focus has been the same as it has been all season, focusing on our side of the net. Controlling our offense and we do that by constantly working on passing in system, hitting and finding ways to put balls away and just flat out competing. And even in practice we're trying to come up with the strongest line-up and what our best rotation is but it's hard when we have moments of being very efficient offensively and then other times letting the practice side go on runs of 5 or 6 points in practice and that's exactly what you see translate over to matches. There's always going to be momentum shifts in a volleyball set, but we just have to find a way to ride the highs and not let our lows be so low and continuously dig ourselves a hole." stated Head Coach Alexa Moser.

After another tough loss the mind set has not changed for BBCC as Moser had this to say regarding the loss. "There's no way to not sound like a broken record this season with how frustrating adding another loss is. Not that stats are everything but you can't expect to win games when your highest number of offensive kills in a set is 6. That's only earning 6 out of our 18 points from any of those sets. And when we watch film, go over scouting reports to come up with a game plan of how we're going to score and we work on smart shots in practice and we can't get that to translate over to matches? At that point, it's lack of mental toughness. We play hoping to not make a mistake and hoping to not lose instead of just playing aggressive and playing to win."

BBCC enters their final week of games as they travel to Columbia Basin College on Wednesday and wrap up the 2023 campaign by hosting the Wenatchee Valley Knights on Friday November 3rd. 


As always, keep up with the Lady Vikings on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, as well as through the NWACSports Network's livestream video platform, where available.