The Big Bend Community College Athletic Department offers some of the best medical care at the college level. The staff strives to educate the student-athlete on proper healthcare management, provide and coordinate excellent care between healthcare professionals, and provide a safe and healthy environment for the success of the injured student-athlete.

Athletic trainers are healthcare professionals who collaborate with physicians to optimize patient activity in athletics and everyday life. Athletic training incorporates prevention, examination and assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of acute and chronic conditions. The Athletic Department has regularly scheduled Athletic Training Room hours at BBCC, with a certified athletic trainer present at most athletic practices and at all contests.

Additionally, BBCC contracts with several local medical providers to assist in the prevention, evaluation, rehabilitation, and management of all BBCC student-athletes. These medical staff members have flexible hours at external sites, operating at the highest level of the profession.

The athletic training room is located on the ground floor of the 2000 Building (Devries Activity Center). The athletic training room contains therapeutic modalities and rehabilitation equipment to assist the injured student-athlete to full athletic participation.