BBCC athletics exists to support the overall mission of the college. As a department, our extension of that mission is to use the realm of athletics to prepare students-athletes to be the sport and in value diversity, and to succeed in all walks.

Foundational to our mission is doing all that we do with excellence. As we work to build student-athletes to make an unfathomable impact on their families, communities, and the world in which we all live, we will focus on laying every 'brick' of this build as straight as it can possibly be laid.

Embracing this mission, student-athletes will value their impact on this narrative. The visibility of student-athletes, not only in their respective sport but also in the lives in which they lead, are rarely duplicated in other walks of life. In student-athletes, others find their inspiration...their mentors...their role models...regardless of their age or athletic experience. It is from this impactful platform and through servant-leadership that, most specifically, the stage is set for student-athletes to impact the lives of all in which they interact.

As a department, our motives extend beyond sports and are focused more on winning life than winning games. Our responsibility is to create the ultimate college athletics experience to prepare our teams to win...winning that transcends the sport to all of life.

As components of the department, sport coaches and staff will provide a comprehensive learning experience in which student-athletes grow through core values to be champions…in the classroom, in their character, in the community, in their careers, and in competition.

Champion-to-the-Core Values
Classroom: through a dedication to class attendance and experiential learning, we will continuously pursue degrees & the highest GPA
Character: through focus on integrity, we will continuously grow in our pursuit of honesty and respect
Community: through service to others, we will build relationships throughout the college, Moses Lake, our service area, the state, and abroad
Career: through broadening horizons and life-impacting experiences, we will build student-athletes to impact the world
Competition: through a relentless pursuit of excellence, we will field teams winning at the pinnacle of their sport

As academicians, administrators, coaches, and student-athletes, we will fully embrace what is ahead, lead lives of relevance, while consciously and continually impacting others along the way.